What qualities make for a good php developer ?

There are many different opinions and answers to the question of what qualities make for a good php developers depending on who you ask. But I believe that php developers can be classified as being either good or bad based on some of these qualities:

intelligence - educational & emotional - why is this important? php developers who are well educated and have a deep understanding of php, not only do they design great php applications but also stay up to date with the latest php trends.

creativity - why is this important? php developers that are creative, not only do they think outside the box and come up with interesting php applications but also perform well under pressure.

problem solving - php developers that are good at solving problems, not only do they think fast and come up with solutions but also improve the overall php development process.

communication - php developers that are great communicators, not only do they get along well with their co-workers and management but also come up with php applications that will be well received by their customers.

time management - php developers who are good at time management, not only do they manage their time well and work better as a php development team but also complete php applications in an efficient manner.

leadership - php developers who are good leaders, not only do they inspire php developers to work better and faster but also get along well with others.

self-management - php developers who are good at self-management, not only do they stay motivated and work well on php applications but also take responsibility for their actions.

leadership abilities - why are these important? php developers with leadership abilities are php developers who not only get along well with others but also inspire php development teams to work together.

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